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Hello everyone. Hey I have a question for you evolution owners. My dad has a GP Extreme and we are curious about the compatibility of the evolution coils with the older machines. Do any of you run one on a older unit? Do you think it will benefit him purchasing one? Thanks everybody.


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Dan I have a GPX 4000, yea it's now old but still finds gold. What coils does your dad have already? I have for years had several

Nugget Finder coils and have total confidence in them. Also consider the size of the coils that are available. Will their size work in

the areas your dad hunts in?

I would tend to believe NF about the performance of their Evolution coils performance and I also believe they would enhance the

GP Extreme.

Tell you dad good luck.

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Hello Don,

He has several sizes of Nugget Finder coils. Basically one for all different types of ground like we all do. We were just curious about it so we were wondering if the new Evo would do any good for the Extreme or should he just use what he has. I definitely don't doubt the new coil one bit. Just another toy I guess haha.


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Dan ... I use a GPX 5000 and GPX4500 ... My short experience with the 12" Evo will cause me to retired my 2 11" stock coils(mono and DD), my 10" NF elliptical and my 12" NF round mono. I don't think I will have to retire my 14"NF Advantage Mono or my smaller crack chasing coils. In other words I am thoroughly impressed with the 12" EVO! Put it on your extreme and you will see a big difference I am sure.

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