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Video: Rifle found in Great Basin Last Year

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Dang. If I found that I would make it work again. Yea, That's in crazy good shape. My bet is Utra Sonic Bath, Bit of Electrolysis, New Springs a bit of susting and dusting here and there it would shoot again. Wonder what the Bore looks like ?

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It was in poor condition as the repeating mechanism was gone and

it could only be loaded and fired one round at a time... Also being

black powder it was now limited and even during the 1930's and 1940's

single shot black powder revolvers and rifles were considered obsolete

due to smokeless powder cartridges becoming popular... As an example

a Spenser 45-70 carbine was available for about $2.00 and was popular

as a smokeless powder .410 shot gun shell was virtually the same as

a original 45-70 government round. Most of the black powder cartridges

developed a blowback cloud of smelly burned powder at the breech

and were dangerous to fire... Back in 1948 as a 18 year kid I made

the mistake of loading my grandfathers 45-70 with an original Government shell

and it was a terrible event... I would not advise anyone to even be

close to one...

The Henry rim-fire black powder repeaters were well made and used up to about

1932 and were then obsolete due to the cease of manufacturing cartridges.

Being rim-fire they could not be reloaded....

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