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coin hunting question , detecors ?

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IMO, neither one of them will be good gold detectors. But, both are good jewelry and coinshooters with the e-trac having better target ID and more bells and whistles and costing a lot more. I use the SE Pro (kinda right between both of them) and personally, have found everything that users of the e-trac have found at comparable depths. Guess it just depends on what you want from your detector and the area you hunt...all three are good detectors for what they will be used for. See if you can borrow one to use for a while.....that will help you make up your mind. Good Luck........

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I have a Gold Bug 2 for gold, I also have an explorer XS for coins , I was just wondering if the E-Trac was any better for coins.

I have some stuff with the XS, so far had a great time.

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Mike is right. If you know your machine you can find just about anything in the desert with what you have now.

I was using my 5000 on the beach to find coins and jewelry for almost a year before I got a used Explorer SE Pro. I found a lot of stuff with the 5000 including THOUSANDS of bobby pins that drove me crazy. I learned a lot about the beach. Then I got the Explorer.

The discrimination on the Explorer was a good thing but I had to learn the new sounds. The only ones I like are Smooth and Long. I found a lot of good stuff with that detector.

When the 3030 came out I was 'sold' on the technology in much the same fashion I was 'sold' on the technology for the 7000. I got one of those very lightly used and put away my Explorer. That was good because when my wife started using a beach machine about 2 years ago she could use the Explorer.

Fast forward to the last couple of months ... if I use the standard coil with the 3030 and she uses the standard coil with the Explorer she will find as much as I do! It is more about her technique. She has become an expert at reading the beach and knowing how her machine works.

(I forgot to tell you that during this time at one of the Minelab metal detecting days in Santa Barbara I found a coin with a token number. They selected my number and I won an E-Trac that I have never used. The biggest difference I understand between it and the Explorers is that it has a GPS onboard.)

About a year ago I bought one of the large coils for the 3030. That DOES increase my ability to find things because it covers more ground and also goes deeper.

Once you become an expert with your Explorer look around for another coil for it. It will change the things you find. I'm considering the small coil now for the 3030 for real trashy areas. That can find grammers plus in can slaw.

Just keep going to undetected spots. You'll find more that way than getting a new detector.


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Michel , thanks for the info and thanks to ALL for the info.

I have the stock coil and a 6 inch excelerator coin too, thinking about a SEF 12x15 butterfly coil too.

Guess I will learn this explorer XS as best as I can.

Just one question...you know I live in AZ...Whats a "beach" :ROFL:

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Thanks Fred, I went out again today, this time I went to a place where folks load and unload ATV's and horses...pretty clean area but still got 1 quarter , 1 dime and 2pennies....

NO Skunk :yesss:

Might head to Gold Basin in the morning if not raining.

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