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Lu Got Two!


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This is the weekend of the big coin hunt in Quartzsite. It is the 3rd Saturday already. Last year we went for the first time and liked it so we were back yesterday.

It was a good day for me. I found about $20 in coins and got 3 tokens. One token was for a little nugget, one was for a silver round and one was for a $25 gift certificate. Lu got less than $10 and no tokens.

We later won a 1923 silver dollar in the raffle.

Today was just about the reverse. We hit a couple of spots looking for gold on both sides of the Dome Rock mountains and got nothing. Then we went to Middle Camp of QMD. It didn't take Lu long to find a nice little nugget. Then later she got another one. (The two larger ones in the photo.) They total .5 g. I got the skunk.

The third nugget in the picture is her first nugget at this push site last month. Good shooting for a place that has been hammered since the last push.

Way to go Lu. :thumbsupanim


post-26254-0-28018400-1453102681_thumb.j post-26254-0-83305600-1453102666_thumb.j

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Soon is already here!

She kicked me all month on the beach. In one 3 day stretch she found 1 ounce of jewelry gold.

Now she kicked me with a double in the field.

Everyone should be so lucky. Another find of a lifetime for me!


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WTG You two! Your quite the team.

Nice gold Lu. Congrats.

Tom H.

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