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Great day to detect


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I was able to get in a little bit of detecting today so I went back to my new patch to see if anything else was left after that first great day there.

The rains from last week hadn't really done anything to the ground and everything was as I left it, so picking up where I left off was easy.

I really beeped the heck out of the area and even some hillside action, but only came up with one nugget. Looks like I'll mark this one for return after some good monsoons.

It was a beautiful day to be out and got lucky enough to bring home some gold. That should tide me over for a few weeks at least. :)


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That's a nice nuggy you got there. Some character to it...

Way to keep the streak alive !! :thumbsupanim


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NICE!! :yesss:

That's a really nice piece.

You got a nice spot....hang on to it and hit the heck out of it :)
Tom H.

Me today.............SKUNK! :cry2:

Next time :)

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Hey Dirty, glad you got over one today. Nice and course too, got to be coming from somewhere close. I didn't get out today, didn't feel too good always next week.

Old Tom

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I've been fortunate to find this course gold. Based all the factors of this spot and how the gold was deposited I do believe the source is within a football field size area on the immediate hillside's, there is still gold being feed into the wash during really heavy rains. The changes in mineralization are easier to spot on the hillsides and are in patches surrounded by larger areas of just granite that would be worthless to detect. Which narrows down the possibility's qof finding the hillside deposit. I hit some of the mineralization patches with the GB2 but the going is difficult because of a predominant hotrock that gives a strong signal and only having a 6" coil, the smaller hotrocks I can distinguish from metal but the big ones are loud. So I used irondisc mode on the hillsides to block them and did find a couple bullets that way. When I can get a P.I. I'll be all over the hills above this patch.

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Nice find bud ! You better start placering :Diggin_a_hole:

The D-11 was in action yesterday. :brows:

"Gold Finds Promotions,LLC" What a great idea! Do you offer some kind of guarantee against someone finding your patch as a result of posting your finds?

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