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...was the time it finally happened, again.

Hey everyone !!

AzMark and I took a drive out to the LSD region this morning. It was a little chilly so we hung around the truck for a bit until the sun came up over the ridge. For whatever reason, we didn't seem to be in any particular hurry today and the pace was casual. After discussing our plans for the day and who was headed in which direction we set out from the truck.

My plan was to walk down to a little gulch and then cross to the other side and detect up to the ridgeline and hopefully meet up with Mark in a couple hours. We had been to this location a couple times in the past and it was special because it was where I found my first nugget last spring.

As a walked away from the truck, I had my detector, and my tools and supplies. I was planning on walking a distance so I didn't turn on the detector yet. After traveling not more than 50 yards, I saw this little gully. I got a feeling and decided to stop, turn the detector on and check out this little spot. After just a minute or two, I heard a weird signal and after kicking some rocks aside, it got stronger. I got it in the scoop on the second try. Now keep in mind, I just turned the detector on 5 minutes earlier and I can still see the truck over there. It was the first signal of the day and It didn't take long to divide the dirt down and uncover a little .33g beauty. It was a bit surreal, since I hadn't picked up any trash yet and as it turned out, that was the only detected target the rest of the day.

To top it off, I found it with a homemade coil I just put together earlier this week. :brows:

Maiden voyage for this particular coil.... Still can't believe it :yesss:






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Wow.......I usually find stuff on the way back to the truck at the end of the day.

Nice nug!!!

BONUS..........your coils work :)

WTG on the gold.

And on a well hit area.

Skunk for me today..but I learned a heck of a lot!

Cleaned up some more boot tacks :)

Today was really a great day to be out detecting.

Tom H.

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Thank you everybody. :D

It's kinda funny it worked out that way, Shay. I did notice that we posted within minutes of each other. Congrats on your nugget, it's one of a kind. :thumbsupanim

When I attended the Gold Basin outing in November, I was just getting started with the coil winding. I had been doing various shapes and sizes of mono coils and learning to make a 'fast coil' that my White's SPP would like. Fortunately, the White's TDI family of detectors are somewhat forgiving in their design and the electrical specs are not as strict as a coil for a Minelab would be. There is a great forum for nerds like myself called GeoTech. It's a bunch of guys (possibly some ladies) that are into metal detectors, how they work, and building detectors from scratch. Don't let me forget, a gentleman by the name of Reg Sniff. He has helped me with some of the details along the way. Reg is a great guy and one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to the White's PI detectors.

So I've sort of created a hobby within a hobby for myself. Once I acquired the wire and other materials, and gained a basic understanding of coil function, I started making coils and experimenting to pass the time between the times when I can actually go out detecting. I've recently made a DD coil that still needs some fine tuning and a DOD coil, similar to the 7000 coil. The DOD seems to work pretty good, it covers a lot of ground, but it's time consuming to pinpoint the target. This most recent coil is another step up the evolutionary ladder of coil construction, the 'Basket coil'. It looks complicated, but once you have the form to wind the wire and understand the pattern, it's just a couple hours to a wound coil.

So... when I heard the target signal yesterday, that was the first signal ever heard from that coil and a target buried in the ground. I said it sounded strange, but I didn't think it was gold. I was just expecting to find a lead fragment as I tested this latest coil design. It happened so fast.... Hope it happens again !! :head:

Oh, and.... Adam. Sarcasm level: Master. You're crackin' me up with your new enterprise. Right on dude !!





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Nice work, Luke! I remember you talking about making your own coils at GB. That's got to be pretty satisfying. Kinda like fixing your car or something in the house and sitting back and thinking, "yep, that was my handiwork".

As for the the feeling, PAY ATTENTION to it. It's funny how you get the feeling about the area first, and that really gets you focused. Trust your gut and keep getting that gold! Great Work!

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