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Wanted Pesco Drywasher


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Lots of luck as I sold out in 88,biz products messed with , resold and products redone again to point of unworkability. ONLY rounded bottom dates to good equipment designed right. John

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Right on John. Pesco started to go downhill the day you sold your half to Don's kid and his friend. They didn't have the skill or dedication to keep the dream alive. They thought it would be a walk in the park BUT as with ALL small businesses you must work 24/7 to make it happen. Don couldn't do it all. Then when the company sold out it was the beginning of the end. You two had a darn good line of products. I was sorry to see it go.

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Thanx much Tom , it was fun for sure. After Don sold to rich kid from az he changed what Don RIP hadn't and couldn't give the junk away. Bankrupt then at auction PePe also bought old Treasure Emporium molds and PESCO also. Then he went belly up and sold to Cal Ore in Pasadena--which went belly up. WOW. Great designs bastardized to point of unworkability sorry JM. Sold many 1,000s of the good ones 82-92. Orange county,Pete Pederson RIP?, biz had some maybe new owner can help you find or The OC 49rs club had many,meeting in Garden Grove last I heard after they threw out the GPAA- John

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