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need help identifying these rocks/minerals

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Hello, I have a question about this specimen I found at my local park recently. I live in NYC, and i went to the park with a small shovel, and dig up this. I am wondering what type of mineral or rock tgis specimen is. It shines in the part of the host rock that is the mineral. Thanks!




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Zomega1, you should not be digging in or collecting in your local parks. The best thing to do is return the sample back where you found it and leave it there. Parks are for everyone to enjoy nature undisturbed. If large #s of people started digging in the park(s) soon, there would be no undisturbed nature to enjoy.

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While what 4meter said is abundantly true, of course that wasn't the answer for which you were looking..

However, you should easily be able to figure it out on your own.. Search NY State geology, then narrow

your search down to the city.. If the park you reference is original in-place land the ID should be fairly simple..

If it's fill, only slightly more difficult.. You can do this..


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