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Got out and hunted the old foundation again, took a little more time.

Found my first wheat penny today plus some other pennies and a couple of dimes.

This coin hunting is getting to be more fun than nugget shooting , oops . did I say that.


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I like coin hunting so much I would almost consider trading my Gold Bug2 with the 6 inch and 14 inch coils for a Minelab 705 with coils.

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I like coin hunting so much I would almost consider trading my Gold Bug2 with the 6 inch and 14 inch coils for a Minelab 705 with coils.

Take it from someone who doesn't have an option, Rick -- you're only thinking that at the moment cos

you've found some coins recently while not having gotten over a nug with the GB II yet.. That thinking will

all change as soon as you pop your first nuggie.. I'd gladly exchange living locations with you in a heartbeat..!

While the odds of you making finds of older coins in way better shape than anything I can possibly find down

here sounds like a decent reason to make the switch at first blush, unless you've researched locations

of gold rush trails and mining camps (like Ron(ca) & Mark have done, then gear up protective clothing-wise

for going after those period pieces which include coins from then as well,) it's most likely what you'll find

will be modern silver at best -- and you're already doing that as one of your detecting options.. To flat out

trade hunting Au for coinage would be, uhhhh, just don't do that, ok..?

My coin shooter 'might' be as good as bottom of the middle of the line, so when I discriminated out clad

pennies years ago I couldn't just block them, I had to block everything under silver, or copper, whichever..

I didn't mind giving up the nickel finds, but it also blocked any chance for finding gold jewelry, slim as that

would be with this detector to begin with.. I was able to justify the decision by the near-nil likelihood of finding

lost gold anywhere around here other than on the beaches, where I use different detectors anyhow.. So

when I'm out coin shooting it's pre-'83 pennies (some '83s are copper, btw,) clad 'silver', silver coins, silver

jewelry and that's it..! Still, the discrimination setting is worth it to me because the amount of lower-number

pieces of trash down here is absolutely astounding..! Even if I backed off just low enough to be able to

hear gold jewelry my detector would still be going off every few inches everywhere I've ever coin shot..

I consider your bullet fragments, buckshot and cartridges problem a, ahem, day at the beach..

I guess what I'm trying to say Rick is don't get discouraged because it hasn't happened yet.. The tiniest

piece of gold you'll ever unearth with your GB II is sooo much more satisfying than any clad penny you'll

ever find, and I have a large casserole dish full of 'em (clad pennies, not tiny nuggets) to prove it..


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Swamp , I understand what you are saying, it is just a lot easier for me to get out coin hunting than to go to the gold fields.

Right now I am doing some research on an old labor camp for the railroad plus a couple of other places.

I hope to get out Sunday and hunt the gold fields...gonna try my drywasher (if it is dry).

I would still have to consider a trade if offered....

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Great finds Digger! Coin hunting always kept me going until I found my first nugget. I think they compliment each other. You get the best of two worlds. When you find that first gold with your Gold bug 2 you will be glad you kept that detector. Good hunting to you! Jim

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Hey azdigger, that drywasher is a great way to get a little gold fix during a beeper skunk. Even if it's a little moist run it twice and get a little gold. Then when you're back gets tired pull out the gold bug for a while. That way you go home with a little gold even if you don't get over one with the gb2

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Rick; your have the best of two vlf-worlds...the gb will find gold and the explorer beats a xterra-705 any day...and if you find a trashy gold spot you can use the explorer...

If you only want one detector the 705 will work for any thing...make sure you get a dd for gold and the stock coil for coins...


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When I'm out nugget hunting and run across an old cabin site, I just use the GB2 in iron id mode. Find everything not iron(most of the time). Coins and rings and nuggets at cabin sites.

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Those are great finds! I haven't been able to do any nuggetshooting for around five years now, and so coin shooting, jewelry and relic hunting have been a great filler for me. The last five years I have found lots of tokens, jewelry and loads of silver coins, including a Barber dollar, Australian Florin, a Walking Liberty, and two Standing Liberty Quarters (just to name a few of my favorite finds). This is not to mention how much silver and gold jewelry I have found as well. But nugget hunting has always been my passion. I'm finally living in an area once again where I have the opportunity to go look for nuggets. I just need to get my new detector and wait for Spring! I hope you keep your GB2, because there's nothing like pulling up a nugget from the ground!

Edited by Ray in CA
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