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I have always wanted to make stuff with some of the gold I get so I got started on a project for our 33rd annyversary.

12487218_783151005150534_651993680094009Using 9.1 grams of 22k gold from my secrect location (X-ray check), some silicone mold making material, crayons and time.

First pour didn't go good.


but the third one did.

and back from the jewelers'


Don't worry El Dorado, don't intend to do this for a living or hobby. Just wanted to have the skill set to be able to do it.

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Really nice Jack, that'll sure weigh some lady's neck down. Nice to work with your hands and have the skills to do things like that. Good on ya guy.

old Tom

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Great process to learn. Kudos for not giving up. One of my old dredge partners RIP found a nugget that looked very similar to that after we washed the gulley out. Hope you get some joy out of it. John

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Thanks all, wife loves it as you might imagine. Looking to make a mold of a chinese coin and cast that in AU for me.

I find a higher value in keeping some of the AU for myself or the wife, cash is in the pocket and gone, gold last forever.

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