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Anyone want to go detecting in Prescott?


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I hear its suppose to be a really nice balmy day tomorrow :nutty:

Keep warm Mike F. :)
Tom H.

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detecting? Didn't you mean dredging or sluicing? Or sledding /skiing :thumbsupanim . I'd settle for buttsliding on trashcan liner or lid.

3" of rain -265 miles WSW of Rich Hill, AZ,,,yesterday...

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Snowed a bit with very big flakes about 3 AM this morning and turned to rain about 5:30 AM when I got up! Still raining as I key this post! Lousy day ... hope tomorrow is a little better as I have a lesson tomorrow that was put off from today. Ground is going to be wet for a couple weeks at this point. Some of the washes are running marginally ... we need the rain to come down a bit faster to really do us any good up here. Maybe latter today and tonight!

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