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Hey all, I just joined the forum finally! Just wanted to say Hello and give a big thanks to all the incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring folks on here... Happy new year and cheers!

I was cleaning up bullets in Greaterville today and found this little guy sitting on the bedrock...post-27787-0-78503900-1452047010_thumb.j just lounging in the sun.... (didnt even have my glasses on..)

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I'll second what Dan said...

Nice nugget !! Congrats :thumbsupanim


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Nice find!
Sunbakers always seem to be a bit more fun to find for some reason.
Good luck to you.
Tom H.

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I'm always glad to welcome new forum members who share my own fascination with the tinier corners and crevices of the universe. Congratulations on a making a respectable find without any electronic aids.

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