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Another cool mo-fo

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Billy, your new icon makes me queasy! :sickbyc:

Oh, I thought he had plastic surgery...I was going to look for that face at the outing

Tom H.

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You ever hear of the saying: Gold is the Devil's currency..? Probably not, since

as far as I know I just made it up..

But anyhow, that is one darkside-looking speci.. Ya gotta gold ghoul on the bottom

left inhailing flecks, it's head-on-a-stick pet calling some buds over to join in,

and a lower chamber pac man wocka wocka wocka'ing up flecks its own durn self..

I'm not a particularly religious person by nature, but I'd consider getting that piece blessed..

Either that or mebbie I should just stop picking my salad mushrooms outta that cow pasture.. :inocent:


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