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Got out for a bit

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I was asked what I was doing today and I explained that I was collecting the trash so the kids would not get hurt by it, then I showed the Lady a large chunk of wire....she said ok that is real nice....

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Not going to give up Fred, just going to hunt parks that are closer to home.

Got to let it dry up some then it will be back in the gold fields.

I love this Explorer XS I got, sure works for me.

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Those Explorers are good units. My wife can out-find me with one and I'm using my 3030.

That was also an excellent answer you gave about 'what are you doing!' We do remove a lot of trash that could hurt people on the beaches and in schools.

Congrats on the ring. Any kind of first like that will remain in your collection.


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Nice stuff! :)
Heck...the ring is worth sompen

Glad you were able to get out and find that stuff.

Tom H.

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