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Awesome day of detecting


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Had the chance to get out early this morning and explore some new washes. I brought along Cory from work as he was wanting to see the GB2 in operation and help out with some sampling for drywashing. We were on the ground before the sun came up and it was a beautiful sunrise to start off my best day of detecting yet.

We checked out the first couple washes, I detected exposed bedrock as he did some crevassing here and there but I wasnt getting anything except lead. After a quick snack I took us over to another wash and headed up while Cory went down stream. After detecting a couple good looking bedrock sections and not getting anything I hit a strong signal on the inside turn following another good looking bedrock section and to my amazement out pops a 2.3 gram nugget! :yesss:

So I called Cory over and he got to watch the magic happen, in a 10' stretch I hit nugget after nugget on exposed bedrock. One was a sunbaker, my first!

He helped me placer out a little bit of dirt and popped two more little guys. In a couple spots I could see fine gold all in the bedrock. It was amazing! :brows:

10 total detected nuggets for 3.5 grams. Needless to say Corys pumped to hike in the drywashing equipment with me and get some gold when it drys up.



9 nugs pictured (gave one to Cory) The two small pieces on the right of the dime were some of the fines I could see in bedrock cracks


The 2+ grammer


The haul


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That's awesome !! Looks like you're on to something good there. :yesss:

Bet you can't wait to get out there again... :head:


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Crap dood!!!
That is sweet :)

Nice chunk of gold there and there and there...and there....!

WTG on the gold man :yesss:

BD............your passing the legend on....you made another monster :ROFL:

Tom H.

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Great to see you hit it Shay. That's some rough looking stuff alright. There is more there, maybe the source.

Old Tom

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The great advantage to doing a little boots on the ground prospecting to find the pay steaks ... good job Shay and Cory ... looking forward to the pictures from the drywashing operation ... sounds like it may be more than the nugget take!

Mike F

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