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the following are real life experience's. but will start out by words taken from noah webster 1828

dictionary. he gives the history and definitions of each word. available on line free.

we universe natives born with birth rites and volition are creations who can not be artificial or

fictitious. we were not put on this planet earth to be slaves for corporations/persons or things.

capital, head; punishment; death sentence; be heading. therefore, using capital letters to begin a

word or sentence kills them.

god, may have come from the saxon word good. any person or thing exalted too much in estimation, or

deified and honored as the chief good. will tell you later why the corp has not invited me to court

since November 2011.

squatter, one who settles on abandon/new soil without title/deed.

land, bodies for harvesting. corporate human recourses for taxes, permits, regulations.

more later, native bob

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