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Apache Quarry at LSD open and running full boar

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Hey all, the old Apache Quarry right before ya turn in to go to the LSD claims was running full tilt today and laying the bright red gravel on the road. When I went home this afternoon they had gone as far as Trilby wash with a bright red brand new wider road.... Not sure if it is County or State doing it but what a dusty mess.... Wonder what the heck is going on out there?

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LSD Condos????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Crap, this is pushing us further out....semi-Cheers, Unc

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That road is a real mess and when it rains ... I can only imagine it will wash, harden and get that red color all over everything.

I've got a white car and it is thick on the back, in the wheels and I'm sure in the air filter. In some places they put a bit of green gravel dressing.

The red 'stain' is over all of the plants on both sides of the road. I'm sure it will rinse with the first rain but the red will be running like blood for quite a while I'd say.

Most construction projects I've seen require you to wet the road to keep the dust down. I hope they wet this before a big rain. They should have wet it already but the water might bead off and stick to tires and talk about a mess.

You can see a car coming several miles away and today there was not much wind. I turned around and got off the road.

The rancher at the turn to LSD now has red horses and yard.


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Doesn't open for me.

Maybe cookie settings on your comuter... It opens...

........ screeen shot below)...........


Dust Compliance

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department's Compliance and Enforcement Division is responsible for protecting the public from airborne particulate matter [PM10 and PM2.5].

Dust Sources

Fugitive dust from unstable or disturbed dirt surfaces (such as construction areas, vacant lots, dirt roads and dirt tracked out onto paved surfaces) are the largest man-made contributors to the County's non-attainment of the PM10 standard. The Air Quality Department issues Dust Control Permits to citizens who plan to conduct activities that will disturb a surface area equal to or greater than 0.1 acre or the demolition of buildings. These permits require the permittee to plan their dust control measures to prevent the creation of fugitive dust (see Dust Control for details). All sites with disturbed surface areas, regardless of size, must maintain compliance with Rule 310.


The Division also manages the Residential Woodburning Rule and Ordinance, which is designed to restrict fireplace use on high pollution days (see Fireplaces for details).

Burning Activities

Open Burn Permits are issued to citizens who wish to conduct allowable burning activities. With few exceptions, open burning is not allowed without an approved permit (see Burning Activities for details).

Vacant Lots and Unpaved Areas

The Air Quality Dust Control Program also investigates dust complaints concerning vacant lots, open areas, unpaved parking lots, and commercial livestock areas. Owners are required to use dust control measures on their properties, such as stabilization media (gravel or vegetation) or preventing trespassers on the property (see Vacant Lots for details).

Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV)

Nature Rules - Curb Your Dust. Motor vehicle use on unpaved surfaces is limited in Maricopa County. Before driving, riding, or parking on any land, check with the appropriate agency about the rules and requirements. You may be subject to fines and penalties if you violate the rules and requirements. The Maricopa County OHV Map shows you land and property owners within the county. For more information on where to ride, please refer to these other helpful resources:

Arizona State Parks OHV / Nature Rules - Curb Your Dust. http://azstateparks.com/OHV/index.html

Maricopa County Parks Department: http://www.maricopa.gov/parks/atv.aspx

Riding is prohibited on High Pollution Advisory (HPA) days in most of Maricopa County. Sign up for HPA alerts and information at: CleanAirMakeMore.com

Agricultural Dust:

Maricopa County Air Quality does not address dust complaints resulting from agricultural sources. However, The Arizona Department of Agriculture offers a compliance assistance program for commercial farmers to ensure compliance with laws and rules that address air quality standards within the Maricopa County PM10 non-attainment area.

Here is a link to their website for more information:


Here is the link to the new ADEQ online complaint form for filing agricultural dust complaints:


Compliance & Enforcement Division Primary Contacts Kim Butler Division Manager (602) 506-7939 Albert Leo Assistant Division Manager (602) 506-6715 Afam Ugbor Inspector Supervisor (South Central Valley) (602) 506-6740 David Shaw Inspector Supervisor (Northwest Valley) (602) 506-6739 Bryan Mandalfino Inspector Supervisor (Southwest Valley) (602) 506-6714 Brian Hartley Inspector Supervisor (Northeast Valley) (602) 506-6728 Yvonne Bishara Inspector Supervisor (Central Valley) (602) 372-1838 Scott MacDonald Inspector Supervisor (Southeast Valley) (602) 506-6708 Eric Poole Inspector Supervisor (602) 506-6737
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I was there and now I'm not. :200:

I didn't find what I was looking for so back to the beaches.

That would be the other half of the watch ? :)

Tom H.

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Tommy Tommy Tommy -- why you poke fun at Mitchel like that..?

See, sometimes you desert dwellers kinda forget just how good y'all really have it..

You can be out detecting somewhere, just kinda wandering around aimlessly kicking stuff over

and, well lookie here!, a WW II era Breitling (ok, Timex), pick it up, blow off some dust n stuff,

give the stem a wind (or in the Timex's case a couple a shakes), and voila!, you have a running

watch that you can slip on your wrist n wear forever since the band's still intact too..

In Mitchel & my case, if we happen to luck out n find a watch on the beach it'll most likely look like this:


So I hope you feel realll bad about your actions for a good 5 secs before busting out laffing all over again..


PS: This was found last spring a few blocks north of the Cocoa Beach Pier, at low tide, in wet sand,

along what at high tide would be the about waist deep wading zone..

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Tom knows I found a pocket watch case at LSD at the last outing there. I still haven't found any gold.

Mitchel....what did it ever turn out to me???Time frame wise?

I thinks its so cool that you found it in a well pounded area....just goes to show you :)


Tom H.

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