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Scored Two Silver's Today

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Got out for an hour or so today between chores, and hit a ball field I have been wanting to detect. After about 40-minutes, two modern quarters, and a couple of pennies, I changed my plan and hit the surrounding woods. Ten minutes later I hit the 1937 Washington, and the undated Standing Liberty - in the same hole, next to root of a huge Oak tree. Made my freaking day.

post-22152-0-61887600-1451344898_thumb.j post-22152-0-23132200-1451344921_thumb.j

post-22152-0-92352200-1451344941_thumb.j post-22152-0-69126500-1451344957_thumb.j

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Nice..! Been a while since I've found any silver down this-a-ways..

Spookily, the LR penny looks more like one found in wet sand along the shore than a ball field in White Plains..

Actually, all the clad is tweaked.. Makes me wonder about that soil's ph.. Wouldn't be surprised if the

bottoms of everyone's shoes who played on that field eventually disintrigrated.. :WOW: Ground up old tires

artificial turf..? Nonono, Mr. Dean of Students, sir.. We have a much better natural turf alternative for you.. :yikes:


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