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Tough Cold Day , But Managed A Few


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Boulder dash and I made it out to an area that I personally think has bad voodoo going on, but today there were zero mishaps :fl: It was darn cold this morning and really hard to get motivated . Boulder dash scores one quickly while I stood in the sun on a low hill :idea: Did I mention that is was Cold :D ...Once my Detector warmed up though, I started getting a few too :head: It wound up being a good day and time well spent :Diggin_a_hole:

Mine on the left, BD`s on the right :brows:


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Nice scores you guys! :)
Yup, my fingers were kind of numb this morning.

Glad you guys got some gold out of the iron stone factory :)

There's got to be more in there on the sides..just got to get the machine

set up right to find it.

Pretty narrow wash heh?
Tom H.

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Very nice. I wish we had something warmer going on here. Today our high was 0. 9 and 12 below zero for the past week. 14 inches of snow. Pretty wet year here so far. Guess I'll buy gold dirt from somewhere to get my fix haha.

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Man, Adam ... you and BD find so much gold I think it's time for you two to grow some fine prospector beards :brows:

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