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Regmaglypts (?) on 9 inch stone.


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Any help would be appreciated. I'm not getting my hopes up but those regmaglypt-like pits have me intrigued

Weak attraction to magnet

Pits on all but one side (one side smooth)

No vesicles

Dark exterior/lighter Interior

Rust spots

Possible tiny, dark amber colored crystals visible with hand microscope

Brownish gray streak at first; then gray streak from interior

Gray powder from interior attracted to magnet

Volcanic activity nearby- basalts and other magnetic rocks in area

Plain Interior-strong resemblance to gabbros; haven't found any chondrules or metal flecks as far as I can tell-although entire window does shine at certain angle.

Specific Gravity 2.86- if I remember correctly- based on the water bucket test

Found partially submerged in pool adjacent to river bed

Thanks for looking!












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Firstly, welcome to this forum. Thank you for posting the photos of your find. It does have a different

surface, but not what I would call regmaglypts. Also, the interior color is very close to the exterior color, but

no visible metal blebs or chondrules. The interior shouldn't have a streak at all. It doesn't look like a

meteorite to me, but it is an interesting igneous rock. The fact that you noticed the surface features, and

took a close look, means you have a good eye for hunting meteorites. We all find our share of meteor-wrongs.

Keep on hunting, the next one may be the real deal.


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Thank you Ben,

I appreciate your reply. One correction though, not that it matters, the interior does not leave a streak. Only the exterior. Didn't mean to type that. Regarding the surface, there are some stones out there that are very similar:



I agree though that it's more likely terrestrial-basalt probably (or gabbro?). I'll grind a bit more and post if I find anything. If not, still an interesting "wrong."

Thanks again!

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