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Although we have some really big scorpions here but nothing the size of my SCOOPION.


Many times when digging a deep nugget with my big pick I carry all the time I end up having to make the

hole twice the size it should be. So being lazy I decided to make something that would work better. Took

the standard treasure scoop, drilled a 23/64 hole in the end just right for the biggest wood screw I could

find. Then filled the inside channel half full of PC7 and inbeded the screw in with plenty of the PC7

also filling the threads, then filled the rest of the channel over the top of the screw with more PC7.


If anything breaks it won't be where the screw is. Got to try it out the other day on some dirt in a big flower

pot that was really packed in tight. Worked like a charm.

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Smarter than the average bear. John PS-saw news flash about horrendous flooding in SA,Brazil was supposed to be hit bad-reality or hype??

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WH the screw is because it's tough and I just use it like a hand pick, it really loosens the packed dirt quick.

HJ no hype, San Paulo has around 20 million people living there and their running out of water but inland is

where most of the flooding is taking place. They also have big problems with mud slides.

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