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Floatation Mixture 1938


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Saw this in a report by C.A. Logan in one of the Mining Journals:

.02 lb. per ton of mixture

1/2 Butyl Zanthate and 1/2 Pentasol Zanthate; pine oil, 1/20 lb. per ton; CuSO4, Na2s and starch.

Anyone seen this or used it? Just curious.

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Books stolen in storage theft so can not quote exactly but after the filter and wash ,if memory serves me right, mercury was their choice of removal. Just like Brunswick Canyon op a few miles away across the Carson River in Moundhouse between Dayton and VC just up the road by the old Gold Divers facility. John

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100% oil removal was the stickler to float tables as loss from excessive cleaning over came the other process as all ultra micron gold. As always would work till any residue built up and tables HATE oils in any form. John

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