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Gold Basin


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Going to head out to Gold Basin on Wed and see If I learned anything from all the reading nd instructional video watching I been doing.

I almost think I know what type of rocks to look for .

We Will See.

Be out there about 8:30 am on Wed 23rd......maybe ho ho left me a present. :ROFL::yesss:

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Getting ready to head for Gold Basin and look for a nugget or 3 or 4... :4chsmu1:

Have a few places in mind to try and also joined GSSN so I can hunt close to the King Tut claims....might be fun

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Oh ,I will keep trying , just got to find a "buddy" or partner to go with me.....would be better to have another person there.

Might hunt coins for a bit till it gets a little warmer....started getting cool about 1:30pm. today.

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