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Read carefully before watching.....

If you had any doubts about police wearing body cameras, watch this. Applebee's in, Palestine, Texas

It takes place in a restaurant where the male officer wearing the camera approaches a theft suspect in the restroom of the restaurant and asks him to step outside. The male officer leads the suspect outside while a female officer escorts the suspect from behind. Once outside, the suspect pulls a gun and the male officer does what he is trained to do.

Police involved shooting - you won't see this on the news
This is just what survival shooting instructors in the Army taught almost 50 years ago, you shoot and you keep shooting until you have neutralized the threat. Timed, he gets off 13 shots in five seconds, hand as steady as a rock.
12 of the shots hit the perp. This shows the value of officer worn video cameras. This video shows just how fast it can happen out there.

I don't think the female officer ever got a round off. If you don't want to see a perp getting what is coming to him, don't watch. It's a Glock doing what a Glock is designed to do.


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