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Whats up with that "Claim"?

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As Ahorton said, searching on the Maricopa site is best done by putting the claim name in the business name area. Unfortunately, I have still found some cases where a claim location document does show up at the BLM but not at the county recorder's office (online). Assuming the name was entered every which way possible in the search box, is there a good chance that his claim was not properly recorded?

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I have found a few sites like that. A couple of these claims were filed in the wrong county: A Maricopa claim filed in Yavapai county. Others I just can't find.

Personally, I avoid those. I also avoid the 160 acre claims staked by a single person, or a claim of 640 acres. Not filed in the county, in excess of 20 acres per person on the original claim documentation, or total claim in excess of 160 acres, are all reasons I can see to challenge a claim in court and win, but I doubt many claims are worth that trouble.

I've also found placer claims staked on private property, state trust land, county land, and patented claims. Knowing the land status is very helpful. Both the BLM and county will take your money, file the paperwork, and both are under no responsibility to make sure its a valid claim.

For the Maricopa Area, I've found Clay's program footprints very useful. It has maps and claim paperwork already on it. The website goes over the area it covers, and it may cover a 10 mile by 10 mile area. It also makes it easier because you know when it was updated last, and only have to look at claims filed since that day.

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