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Question for a GPAA member


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Can you tell me if GPAA has claims anywhere close to the King Tut Mine in Lost Basin..........

Wanting to join just have to make sur of what they have in claims.


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Yes from what I remember they have one on the other side of highway.


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There are two that are adjacent... one in the NW corner of sec. 2 and one in SW corner of 35... Joe Bahde (RIP) pulled some big nice gold from them ... Cheers, Unc

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Am I confusing the King Tut Mine with something else?

I thought the King Tut placers are no located in the Lake Meade Recreation area and is a no prospecting site now. I thought it was located by Gold Basin. I did a bit of researching on the King Tut off some of the on-line pubs.

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The King Tut placer is in Lost Basin southwest of Meadview (29N 17W Sec 9). That area is private land. The GSSN claims were located about 2 miles further northeast in the far southern portion of the Queen Tut placer (30N 17W Secs 27, 34) and downslope of the Oro Rico placer (30N 17W Sec 33). I'm not sure about the status of the club claims there as they were closed and there are new locations in that section.

None of those areas are in the Lake Meade Recreation Area although portions of the area to the west are in the Rec Area. More than half of the land in both Basins is private. Despite the signs and fences much of the southern boundary of the Rec Area is a swiss cheese of mixed private and federal managed lands.

Frequently the later discovered King Tut placer is considered to be the whole of the east facing flank of Lost Basin. This leads to some confusion in later literature describing the area.

I would suggest getting a copy of USGS Professional Paper 1361 Geology and Gold Mineralization of the Gold Basin - Lost Basin Mining Districts, Mohave County, Arizona. That's the best resource on the area we have found.

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