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2.3 gramer today


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Hey all :
Well dad calls me up late Friday and wants to go out detecting......so I finish up all the plating/polishing as I cant let him down :)

Google some spots....pick him up at 7 today and were on our way!
Man..the first spot I picked was wicked steep. Dad ducks in about 1/4 mile in and I go in a bit farther.

It was the top end of where we got some nugs out of last week. It was tough...to say the least.

Steep....cats claw galore and everything was UPHILL!

Finally got out of the canyon I was in and saw the YOTO way up on the hill. Who moved it!???
Saw dad in another wash and told him I was going back.

We did get spit out of that area...well some junk. But nothing Yellow.

Im sitting at the truck watching this 82 yr old guy plodding up the hills and walking towards me.

He just keeps putting one foot in front of the other and makes it up out of the canyon.

Gets to me and says..hey! I feel pretty good since the 5 way bypass!

I sure hope I have half as much energy at that age!

So........we go to another spot, not far away that we got some gold out of.

Welp. lo and behold...its been ripped up by the monsoons. Nothing out of the good spots so I concentrate on the hills.

Yup....I missed it :)
Up off the bank about 10 inches...under some impacted rocks.

It was giving a low/high signal as a chunk of iron.

Its so solid I guess that that is why. It just popped out and im like.....are you serious???

Really good day and the good Lord blessed us with some awesome gold :)

My legs are weak...im going to bed :P Gonna sleep like a 2yr old tonight! and feel like a 90 yr old tomorrow.
Tom H.


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