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Hunted some Tail Piles today


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Well I got out and hunted some tailing piles today, they was from shaft in the hills,

I am getting good at finding lead slivers and shavings , also some birdshot.

No Gold but I got to practice with my Gold Bug 2...sooner or later I will run across a nugget.

I do think I am getting the ground balance and sensitivity right , Had to dig 2-3 inches for some of that lead.

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You don't want to know my skunk to gold ratio! :)
Just keep hitting the hills and putting boots on the ground.

Its hard work but it will pay off.

Plus....its good exercise! :)
Tom H.

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I've had the skunk for my last 4 trips. It has something to do with WHERE I am hunting too.

Were you on the beach or in the hills, Mitchel..?

We've had this nor'east thing going on for well over a week so I've been heading down to Vero Beach area just onshore from where they made the larger of the two gold coin finds this summer out of the 1715 Treasure Fleet wreckage.. Talk about skunk..?! Try two days with nary a signal, not so much as a piece of foil, and a third day with one hit that turned out being a sliver of rusty metal about 10" down.. Not exactly a people beach, and not complaining either -- since at treasure locations I much prefer nothing over 400 pull tabs..

For those of you who saw the articles in Nov/Dec "Gold Prospectors" you know this find was made near offshore in six feet of water.. What they fail to mention in the article is the coins were also under about a dozen feet of sand.. So near yet so far.. I need a longer shovel handle and higher volume pump..


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