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Got me a fish

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Bought a rod a yard sale so I took it with me to hunt a sandy place with my minelab explorer.. made about 10 casts with top water and Bang there he was.

Going back on Friday to see if he had friends .

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never heard about walleye. got a couple when I was in South Dakota. First one I ever caught was about 3 lbs and I tried to lip him like a bass.....did not take long to learn....that is a NO NO... :ROFL:

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I heard there was big walleye in the river somewhere. I would like to target them someday

If you ever happen to make it up to Colorado there has been 12lb+ Walleye caught in the Cherry Creek Reservoir in Denver. They hang out by the dam.

I would frequent Pueblo reservoir and pullout 2-4lb Walleye all day long. Mikes crawfish smelly jelly on a Yamasanko worm rigged wacky style or a grub on a jig. They couldnt say no to those setups.

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CAn DAiwa /Shimano and SDC 2300 Minelab merger be far off?

Add an extender shaft with some eyelets and a quick disconnect for the electronics so you can swap the reel on...

:brows: Dont forget the optional kreel to hold the whoppers( fish or nuggets)

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