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The whites TRX pinpointer gets alot more depth than the minelab or the garret and is way more sensitive to small targets-Im able to pic up very small shot with it-so far its a keeper :head: Mike C...:200: PS- the minelab and the garret are good for what they were intended for(pinpointing coin size targets) but I needed something that was more sensitive to small gold (flakes) and the whites did it- it can be detuned to really zero in on a screaming target plus you can ground balance it :4chsmu1:

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I've had the Minelab, the Garrett, and the Whites. My issue was I couldn't hear the first two. Hold lightly could feel vibration. I like the Whites, I can hear and feel. Use it quite abit, shortens recovery time for sure

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I had the Garret....I liked it a lot...built strong and did the job well. Now I have the Whites TRX, it's more sensitive, finds the target at a greater depth. It does at times have to be ground balanced by pressing the button and keeping it close to the ground than press button again to set.  I would own the Garret again.....may go back to it. I do lick the Whites lost pin pointer beep...I have lost it twice..found both times because I heard the beep. Lost it again the other day.....have to go back to area I used it last to hopefully find it the third time. :) 

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