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Im going to say that many of the specimens are from Mexico....I can see some possible Dioptase, calcite, Fluorite, Siderite, Azurite, and Hemimorphite, and possibly Vanadinite.. As for the fissil in the first picture, I`m not sure ..

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Nice collection and, no doubt a few are valuable for collectors ... Find someone through the forum who knows about this ... I'm not him...!

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Hello Mariangela 101 and thanks for posting the pics of this wonderful mineral collection.

Did your cousin write anything down about this collection? Sometimes just knowing where the minerals came from allows an ID, plus it increases the value of the collection. Provenance is very important to a collection & to future collectors.

Here is my stab at identifying some of these minerals:

1 or 27 - modern tabulate corals

7 of 27 - Azurite (copper carbonate) with epidote

12 of 27 - Siderite (left) & one of the following Dioptase or Diopsite or Fushite (green muscovite)(right side)

13 of 27 - Hematite (right)

16 of 27 - Chrysocolla

17 of 27 - Azurite

21 of 27 - Proustite (Ruby Silver, a silver ore)

22 of 27 - Fluorite

23 of 27 - Fluorite

24 of 27 - Wolfenite

27 of 27 - Prehnite (green mineral)

Many of these minerals look like they have been in storage for a long time & in need a professional cleaning.

Can you take some close-ups of the minerals? Being able to see individual crystals or crystal clusters is a big help in ID.

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I'm starting to think 8 & 9 of 27 could be the mineral - Aragonite, due to the white to clear color and "dendritic" or "coral" like shape. Anyone?

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