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Hey all:
Welp, Dad and I went out today and took advantage of this awesome weather.

Man it was nice out. Didn't even break a sweat!

Went into a couple of new washes. Dad took one and I took the other.

When we met up at the truck about 3 hrs later............he had one and so did I :)
I was only able to hit about 1/3 of my wash so theres more work to do.

Funny little side note about my nug.
Im about 10 min. into detecting and I hear it. Cant be a nug because I always find mine toward the end of the day. Dig down about 3 inches and I start scooping dirt. Out of the corner of my eye I see a yellow "rock", you know...those ones that fool you into thinking they are gold but are just some kind of soft stone?
After about 3 scoops I pick up the yellow rock....and DOH! its the nug :)

Im slow.

Did get to see a covey of quail from about 10 feet away. The males sure are Purdy. They weren't too

shy for some reason.

Great day out in the hills and the good Lord blessed us both this time with some yellow stuff.
Tom H.


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Hello Tom,

It's that time of year to get out and hit it hard with this great weather, glad to see you and your dad found some of the yellow stuff. There were lots of campers out in the desert for the long Holiday weekend.

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I stuck a yellow rock in my mouth to clean it today..Turned out, it was clay and dissolved. :aw-shucks: Great finds as usual Toms ! Keep it up :head:

Ummm....yah..that's what usually happens to me too!

That's why I didn't look at it at first

Guess I have to chew on more rocks in the future. :)

Tom H.

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Great job guys. See you soon at the Q.P

Patrick: Looking forward to some Toilet trashing\commode crunching good times ! :)

Got some new BF Goodrich on the front end...just leave it out.............Ill crush it!

Tom H.

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Good going Tom X 2...............I think I'm going to be able to get out soon after a crippled year and hope to get out there with you two! ... Cheers, Unc

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