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Help ID Purple Stone!

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Hello, I'm new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me with these purple stones. Not sure if they are crystal or something cooler. These came from Rock hunting in my parents back yard collection ;).. My Dad use to work at a sand and gravel company as well as taking the family on big rock hunting Trips up and down the west coast mostly in Oregon. So they could of come from a number of places from Washington to Arizona.

The pictures don't do them justice but what caught my eye after washing off all the dry mud was the rainbow effect when the light catches it just right. But I don't see any play in color when the light is shining through it. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my first post and welcoming me to the forum. I have a few other rocks I'd like to ask about but I'll do it one at a time. Thanks Again, Angie




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I wanted to add that the rainbow effect you're seeing most likely comes from internal cracks in the Amethyst, if you've played around with a prism and saw how the light passing through creates a rainbow, e.g. breaks down the light's spectrum, it's the same thing happening within the stones.


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Welcome to the forum Angie. Do post again with pics of your & your Dad's finds. The Amethyst is very beautiful.

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