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Well Hi everyone an Happy Holidays !!!
1st time hunting Franconia for meteorites and I sure am thankful I had 3 VERY good guides !!!!
I managed to detect a good sized iron for a 1st find there.
Its a .6 gram piece with black crust and was beeped at about 6 inches.
My guides said I did very well especially finding an iron over a half gram for a 1st find.
Beeped with a ML 3500 Stock ML 12' Mono in EXTREMELY HOT ground.
Heres a pic along with Uncle Marvin hope you enjoy viewing it.
Teri C.


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Got a small iron from Franconia about 8 years ago ... Dodacious and I had a great party weekend in Havasu then went to F. for a few hours hunt under cloudy skys ...Had to walk around a mile long (in both directions) train... I should go back since it's only 2 hours away and I have a map showing the strewnfield there ... great general area for both meteorites AND gold! ... Cheers, Unc

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