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any insight to an Explorer XS

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Can anyone give advice on an Explorer XS on coins and such.

It sure makes different sounds than my GB2..lol

Have tested it in the yard but would like some advice.

Also is a pinpointer needed or desired.


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The Explorer series is probably the best coin hunters made!!

The XS is the original, then the E2, the SE and the SE Pro. Great machines but really excel in the turn for coins. The best tone and ID machine I have ever used. The key is that it IDs very well at depth and a old coin slayer. once you learn the tones you can practically call out when you have a silver coin under the coil.

Not going to be your machine of choice for gold nuggets!

Will hold its own in moderate iron relic sites but the E2 and the SE have quicker processors that give them an advantage over the XS in the iron.

All the coils work on all of the machines so I would recommend the 11" "Pro Coil" for any of the Explorers and of course a smaller 6 or 8" coil for poking around in the iron.

You can get a SunRay inline probe for the Explorers and that is a great setup for coins and relics but can be a bit heavy.

I have used and owned many many detectors and always ended up back the the Explorer 2 until the CTX came out.

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Thanks for the info, I have a Cold Bug 2 for gold and got this to try for coins and such....just sold the sun ray probe....too heavy for me.

I plan on getting it out to a few "tot lots" and see what it does.

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you might want to consider getting a smaller handheld probe that you can wear on your belt to accompany your Explorer......mainly because it will assist you in finding your target WITHOUT digging a plug that you could drop a VW beetle in. Some places (like tot lots) would frown upon large, unsightly plugs that do not blend in well with the surrounding area. Not saying that's what you do, but we have all seen what some new detectorists can do and have done.........not purdy and actions like that screws things up for others. The smaller the plug, the better for all of us.

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Thanks for the tip, I already have a Garret pro on order.

I have 2 of these Explorers so I decided to keep one and sell the other. so far I have cleaned a lot of junk out of my yard :ROFL:

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