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Tom and his Baby!


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I first started prostecting in the Breck area, many fun camping/exploring trips around this very high area of Colorado. Hope you enjoy the story of Tom's Baby, the largest nugget found in Colorado.....


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:yesss: Amazing find refound ,to be shared with the masses is cool. Now if they can just keep it from getting ripped off, seems as of late to be the real problem. Love wire gold. Dog Creek here in Shasta County produced the biggest purest gold ever found(reported) here. My biggest is just shy of a 1/2 oz and visit in the bank when there-John

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There has been many large wire species from that area. Tom's takes the cake by far.

Farncomb hill is a beautiful location. Lots of history up there and so fun to explore. Much gold still remains to be had. I would be killing the hillsides with a metal detector if I still lived up there. The gulches will drive you nuts with square nails though. Most of the tailings from diggings on the Farncomb patch have been detected near the road, I only had to walk a hundred yards to find dozens of untouched tailings piles, you'll start pulling out iron looking hotrocks and then know it hasn't been hit yet.

Here's a piece of wire gold I sluiced from below Farncomb Hill. Did I mention I love it up there!


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