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potential meteorites

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Hi here i got some pics for you to peruse of some could be meteorites found thees both with metal detector at the beach one day. The smaller one has what appears to be lots of small chronduals and a couple slightly larger ones on the surface there,apon closer inspection withe a pocket microscope there are cronduals inside cronduals in even the smallest of them. This looks like from what ive seen in pics to be a mars tissiant or a vesta we can only wish :).. the larger one looks what appears to me as fusion crust weathered to some extent but looks like there might be enough to still prove positive. at the moment i don't have anyway to cut it or sand them to provide a window but could possibly soon though.Well anyway tell me what you think any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.






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Yea I kinda expected this idk I see a thin black coating on one and think fusion crust and circles on another and think chondrules. So defiantly not worth a nickle test I have some dmg or is the metal to spread out for a stone? Care to entertain further as to why there not?

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They are not because they have zero traits of a meteorite. Chondrules do not look like that. The black coating is simple oxidation. They are obviously worm smooth by water. Meteorites are not found on beaches. They look absolutely nothing like a meteorite.

I invite you to visit museum collections and look at real meteorites in person.

Educate yourself about meteorites, read some books about meteorites, and at least learn how to spell chondrule (not chrondual or crondual).

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I'm not a meteorite guy but I can tell you with 100% certainty that the first one is not a meteorite. It appears to contain shell fossils, and lots of them. No fossils have ever been found in a meteorite.

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I tested with some DMG and ammonia for nickle and nothing. I sanded a face window on the larger specimen here are a couple of pics not to revealing after the sand but gives a much different look under the pocket scope lots of tiny orange bloguels and some fine grained metal chunks hear and there. The stone is attracted by the hard drive magnet when hung from string but doesn't attach to it. The DMG i have is 3%.

post-27769-0-31273100-1447959034_thumb.j post-27769-0-42084100-1447959083_thumb.j post-27769-0-66959100-1447959132_thumb.j

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Basalt, terrestrial. Coating is most likely manganese oxidation. Exterior and interior are nothing like a meteorite.

What are bloguels? Sounds like a made up word.

It is highly unlikely you are seeing "metal grains", more likely mica or something else shiny.

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