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Ammonite - should I slice it?

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My son is graciously giving me a huge ammonite he dug up when he lived in Texas. As I remember it is approx 10". It is rough on the outside of course, but I am of course wondering what it would be like sliced and polished.

Do you slice them all open, or are there 'signs' to tell if the inside is good.

Next question, where would I take it to be sliced and polished. I live in the non-rock state of Florida.


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I was getting this confused with ammolite. I have seen pieces of it cut like cabs and a lot of them sold for more than a typical cabochon material would. The ones I saw were hand sanded and polished and had a layer of epoxy to make them shine. The way he worked them I assumed they were brittle and the color layer was on the surface.

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Gosh Keep in mind you are dealing with the petrified fossil cast of what was once living

creature millions of years ago. Tread carefully. I suggest you check it out by contacting

your nearest college that has a geology department. It is possible it is a rare speci.

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Local yokel gem/mineral clubs are full of knowledge. Our Shasta Gem club even has a HUGE workshop to do anything you would ever need for

$1 a hour charge. I have some cut, some whole but never did the cutting myself or seen it done. Lots of luck-John

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