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What type of "drill bit" for Dremel to make window?

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Still trying to identify GB finds from months ago. I tried to make a window with a diamond file but I guess I was doing something wrong because it didn't make a dent.

My husband has a dremel and I was wondering if I could get an attachment to make a window. Is that possible and what should I get?

Also on Amazon there is an aluminum oxide whetstone. Would that be better? (A lot of my 'finds' are very little and I would worry about scraping fingers).

Thank you.

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A diamond file is made to hone a blade( fine tune it) -not necessarily rough-shape it- which is what you are trying to do by filing a flat on your meteorite.

Instead of going broke on Dremel bits, buy a cheap 4.5" grinder from Harbor freight when they go on sale or use 20% off coupon. THey can be as cheap as 10$... Also get a diamond blade to fit. EArplugs and safety glasses rec'd...

Dremel , I'm sure, makes a small diamond saw and maybe some "burrs" for their machine, but for the price and what it does.... well it's just wholly inadequate ,by comparison, imo.

I wouldn't buy the whetstone- you'll be filing for a long time.

YOu could also check out the following link https://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/paleontology/clubs.htm

.....info on rockhound/geology/gem/mineral- clubs/associations. Maybe one is close by that you could join and then use their shop facilities, if any.

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Pintrest. That's where my wife gets all of her how to craft ideas. Along with tools needed and where to buy it. WARNING fellers: if your wife does not know about Pintrest, I would do all you can to keep it a secret haha. My full sized shop is now cut in half from my wife and her crafts and woodworking stuff. But hey I love her.

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Got a whetstone and some drill grinder bit things for the Dremel. Both worked well. Nice that you can take the whetstone out with you.

I had 17 'potentials' and I use that term very loosely since I am such a newbie. Anyway, none were meteorites.

That just means I will have to look some more! Hope they have more group hunts that I will be able to go to.

Thank all for the suggestions.

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