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I had the chance to get out this morning and went back to the new wash I scored a little piece in last time out.Since I wasn't exploring and it's a fairly easy spot to get at I brought my 4 year old daughter along and the both of us had a blast!

To my surprise we could not turn up another piece anywhere in the area. Just a whole bunch of birdshot, as I was digging bb after bb I starting hearing shotguns off in the distance depositing new bb's for me to recover. Thanks guys! :2mo5pow:

I didn't use headphones and was able to get some pretty small lead, the gold bug was singing right along, the weather was great until around 1 pm and we got rained on getting back to the truck. My daughter was a champ out prospecting and actually moved a lot of dirt! Great day for her and I!


Making Dad proud


Hardrock mining


I left another twenty or so bb's on a rock that were all in one small area.

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That's cool she is out there with you like that.

I bring my 82 yr old kid with me all the time :4chsmu1:

Too bad none of those targets were yellow ones.
But, you know how it goes..
GL to you!
Tom H.

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Those knee pads look like they protect her ankles also. Keep her close bud, they grow up fast.

Old Tom

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Totally awesome. I raised my daughter (now in college) gold hunting and around campfires. Kudos to you for keeping her involved in the great outdoors!

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Thanks for the kind words guys!! I'm a lucky Dad. She'll be a better prospector by the age of 10 then I will ever be.

Don't have to find gold to have a good time......

That looks like you may be using the GB2? Doesn't your machine "crackle" on most birdshot?

Yes GB2! Birdshot gives a consistent good signal. It sounds just like gold every time. I can't tell the difference between gold and lead shot. Hot rocks and other metals sound different depending. The lead though gives that smooth signal and the strength depends on size of the target, the super small pieces sound like ground noise and have to be investigated further, once you get it close to the coil you'll get a stronger signal and know you have a metal target.

The only crackling I got was from four targets in one little crack, I swear the GB2 heard each one of them separately even though they were right next to each other.

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