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In my effort to educate I may have erred....OH NO!


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Hi guys, I have an apology and confession to make. During the Saturday potluck at Bill's outing I offered to show a handful of people some meteorites. I also gave a very brief explanation of what to look for regarding Gold basin Chrondrites...well (this hurts) I may have used a very fine meteorite-WRONG as an example...

That is the problem with certainty-one can be wrong but never doubt.

So, while what I said was corrrect if I showed you the rock in the corner next to the nuggets-it just ain't what I said. My mistake is really my buddy Jeff's fault. He expressed some minor doubts but did not make me prove to him-not really-I should have put my glasses on and made certain...another lesson learned.

BTW: I gave a nice lady the little fragment I was grinding, please be assured that is the real deal!

At any rate I got the chili-verde correct.

often wrong but never in doubt



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It really shows the strength of one's character to admit when they were wrong.

I believe that's the definition of integrity....

The chili-verde was excellent !!

Thanks :D

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FRED FRED ,......... You can tell all the lies you want too.!!!!!
As long as you keep givin me the chile verde to take home !!!!!
DAMMUM that was GOOD !!!
Kept me from havin to cook for a couple days while the wife was away !!!!!

Thomas Jefferson had the Monticello !!!!!

Fred's legacy will be "Mason's Chile Verde" !!!!!

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Aw the Chili Verde was too good to be concerned about L4 chondrites.

Fred, yours is, hands down, the best I have ever had.

I would love to have the recipe if it is not a closely guarded secret.


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Thanks, however I have little tolerance for my errors-after 65 years you would think I'd get used to them...

Doc I am attaching the recipe-any questions call or write...


two or three 27 oz cans of chopped green chilis

about four pounds of boneless pork ribs cubed and browned ( i bbq mine)

6-8 cloves of garlic-smashed but mostly whole

three serrano chilis chopped and three left whole

two or three tablespoons of Red Chili powder...I buy it in bulk at Costco

salt and black pepper to taste

some like pain..add more and/or hotter types of peppers

add zucchini, onions, homminy or corn if you like....whatever you want.

I use corn starch to thicken or brown the pork with a flour coating...

throw it all in the pan and just cover with water...bring to a high boil and then simmer for a few hours. When it smells good and you are ready heat some pinto beans, make some rice and cook the tortillas...have dinner and a beer....


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Thank you! You are much easier to get recipes out of than my wife. Everything she makes is outstanding and she guards her recipes like they are maps to hidden treasure.

One time I wanted to make this stew she makes, so she said here I'll write it down and you can make it. So I did. It didn't taste anything like what she makes. She swore up and down that was the recipe.

So about 2 months later she is making the same stew, and I notice she has this old tattered recipe card that she is using. When she was done I kept an eye out for where she hid it. So we all sit down for dinner and the stew is freaking amazing, like always.

Later when she went to bed I went and retrieved her hidden recipe. It was nothing like what she told me to make. It had all kinds of extra ingredients, like TOMATO PASTE, that makes a big difference, as anyone who cooks knows. But she told me just to use tomato sauce. She left out all kinds of other ingredients too.

She's like a recipe Nazi.


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