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Veterans day


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When I could I would take them home and let them shower and feed up. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you try that at home. Some are more Twisted then your ready for. Most are Harmless but some have taken the Twisted Path. They need serious down time and help. If there in your area and some what stable you can talk them down and things can be good. I my self have help more then a Few. I'm Broke now. BUTT when I had some money I Would hand them a $50.00 bill and tell them to go get a room and clean up. You should have enough for a 12 Pack for the night. Guess What ? Out of 7 people 6 did just that. They got to see some TV , Get Clean, And more the most, Chill out. Yes I was a Azzz hole and followed them.

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All Honor and thanks to our vets ... Had a good friend who came home from Nam but never really made it back ... Ended up a suicide at my home ... It was like he couldn't catch a break, even after two tours as point and tunnel rat ... I hope all those AH's who spit on our heroes have whatever spit they have left turn into acid in their mouths, tonight! Thank you all for your service.... Unc

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Our veterans definitely do not get what they deserve. They get used and abused and then kicked to the curb. I can go on forever but I better stop there. Once again, thank you all.

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