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Gold Basin 2015 Pics


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Hey all:
Great time up there. Lots of food. About 6 or so people found gold....really nice weather.

All kinds of camping from guys in the back of trucks to nice RVs :)

Bout 40 people. You guys that found yellow stuff please post it. I was not able to get around to everyone.
Really good time.

Tom H.













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Looks like a good time-Thanks for the pics Tom :4chsmu1: Mike C... :200: PS who's that bum in pic 9 and is that Bill with the long hair in pic 10 ?

That bum is your bud :ROFL: and you owe him a buck :yesss:

Yup...that's Bill!

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It's a good thing the person who invented the saying "It was the right thing to do at the time"

has been correct 50% of the time, since I still rue the day I packed up my young family

to move back east from Tucson because it was the right thing to do at the time,

which it was, at the time, for a while..

I'm with you, Dan -- one of these days we're gonna crash their little party..! :4chsmu1::yesss:


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What a great time that looks like! Thanks for sharing pics, Tom, ... Looking forward to seeing everyone's finds ... Good to see Mike K. made it back from the wilds of AK and WI ! ... Cheers, Unc

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Had a really great time in Gold Basin. Never been out that way before, looking forward to going back.

Wish I could say I found a nugget, but I ended up with a Minelab Go-Find 60 instead !! :yesss:

Thank you Bill, Doc, and Minelab for the detector. Up until that point, I hadn't ever won anything significant in a raffle. Especially one that was free.... Thank you :thumbsupanim

My kids are already learning how to use it and my 3 year old daughter doesn't want to give her big brother a turn... :inocent:

I was also given a nice new Minelab backpack that was full of various other promotional items. Lydia seemed to think it belonged with the detector. Thank you :D

It was great to see and talk with so many that I met at the previous outing and a few new names and faces. What a great bunch of people...

Did I say Thank you yet? Thanks again... :wee:


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Luke that's sweet. Heck yeah, your gonna have to get another detector for the kids haha. Like I've said before, the kids actually love it.


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I agree with Luke, it was a great outing and good to put faces to the names. People were very kind and willing to give help and advice to newbies such as myself.

Walt - that nugget is just awesome. The picture just does not do justice to the real thing. A great find!!


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Great time at Gold Basin.

Thanks Bill for putting it all together and adding in a Titan missle show. :yesss:

Didn't get to meet everyone unfortunately. Just overwhelmed with getting great advice (thanks Kevin, Bill) and Mitchell letting me take a picture holding the spectacular nugget! Imagine the fish tales I can tell now... :4chsmu1:

Lydia it was great meeting you and I look forward to seeing you at quartzsite. Hang in there.

Andy it's good seeing you in person and hopefully out in the field soon.\

I feel like part of an extended family if it's not too soon to say that. Or just humor me for a while. :ROFL:

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Hey Mike give me a buck :evil1: and i will let you see them :D it was a great time thx to all.


Lon there you go again showing off invisable nuggets :tisk-tisk: you must have gotton one of those invisable gold finding deeper beepers or you forgot how to use a camera-Hmmmmmm maybe instead of taking up sewing you should take some photoshop classes :4chsmu1: Mike C... :200:

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