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gold Bug (new one)

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Would a larger coil be better for hunting meteorites than the 5 inch coil that came stock.

And the same question for the gold bug2 , thinking about the 14 inch coil for the bug2 to hunt meteorites with.


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The 14 inch coil for the GB2 works great. It's just really heavy. I took an extra bracket and bungee from a minelab and installed it on my goldbug upper shaft and it works great.

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I have a new gold bug and a gold bug 2 , the new bug has 5inch round coil and the bug 2 has a 6 1/2 inch oval coil...

I have the bug 2 chest mounted so the weight might be too bad then. Might order one (14inch coil) and hope I get it in time for the outing next weekend.

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