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Beef Brisket - all smoked and delicious, ready to serve.


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Here is the results of that brisket I smoked. $55. I read somewhere that before home smokers became popular they couldn't give that cut of meat away. Now they charge dearly for it. It's still a lot of meat for $55, but what irritates me is they must give you 3 pounds of fat that you just have to trim off and throw away.




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I thought you put the fatty side up so it bastes the meat as it cooks? Maybe there was a bit too much. I suppose more than a quarter inch of it would just be a waste.

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One of the Best Steaks was Skirt Steak. Yes Cut from Brisket. Like all Beef it has more then Tippled in price. Sure made a good Breakfast Steak. Steak and Eggs with Potato ? Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yea you can do that on a BB-Q !

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Up until a few years ago the only people who bought brisket were Bubbies (Jewish grandmothers) and a 'cult' of guys in eastern and central TX & LA who knew brisket made the best BBQ known to mankind.. You couldn't give the cut away to anyone else and it's retail price reflected such.. The hillbille had it correct with the 1/4" fat on the bottom, and if you (b)roast it wet with no rack the fat side goes down..

Today brisket as BBQ is taking over, as it rightfully should.. It kinda reminds me of the hot wings onslaught though: One day nobody's heard of 'em, the next day they're everywhere from ice cream trucks to freeze-dried hiking pouches..

It's bad enough the price of brisket has risen disproportionally in respect to the other beef cuts, but this new practice of not trimming it properly is a flat-out scambo money-for-nothing fraudulent practice reminescent of when the chains were pre-packaging steaks that looked great on top, only to discover when ya opened it up it had been cut at an angle and the fat was an inch wide on the styro side.. There was a purt good rebellion over that move as I recall..

The best thing we as consumers can do is complain, especially on the web.. There was once a time when one could get a butcher to re-trim a cut properly.. But good luck getting that done today by a chain store 'butcher' since all the cuts come in already cut & boxed and the store is charged for that weight -- with no hanging sides on premise there is no such thing as scrap any longer.. He may trim it correctly for you but you're buying the fat regardless..

Until the stores get their brisket act back together what I've been doing is getting london broil instead.. It isn't brisket, but it is a pretty good substitute when cooked as you would a brisket.. It's trimmed the same way a brisket should be, only requiring a slightly longer cooking time since they're generally thicker overall..


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I agree. It also doesn't hurt to befriend your local rancher. SOmetimes, believe it or not :200: , they "finnish" some of their own beef, and sock it away in a freezer.

THen, periodically, the "quality control dept" does sampling for palatability and continuation of long term feeding studies on multiple subjects. :old::old::brows:



Will barter for beef ..that is all

The best thing we as consumers can do is complain, especially on the web..
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