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Anybody using An ATX?

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Thanks for responding LipCa...A Gold Bug 2 is next on the list...I think it will be a killer combo...maybe a Falcon too....Well, it came in the mail today, it's pouring rain & my rain gear is in the storage locker...looks to be almost unused...even the owners manual looks new. Now to figure out how to maintain the waterproof integrity & tune this beast...I did turn it on for a couple minutes just to give it a preliminary look-see-listen & I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like this machine... :yesss:

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I used one for a while and liked it and the price is right. Was a sensitive machine and could hear really small targets as well as deep bigger ones. Yes I use Minelab, but have nothing bad to say about the Garrett and it beats others close to it's price range.

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The ATX is one of my core "must have" units. These days I use my GPZ 7000 almost exclusively. However, the ATX has one of the best ground balancing circuits available and it will run smooth in hot rocks (basalt cobbles in particular) that will challenge even a GPX let alone a GPZ. It will also fully balance to salt so perfect for alkali flats. So the ATX serves as my backup for my GPZ for oddball situations plus "just in case". It is also my number one beach hunting detector. I even coin hunt with it now and then when the mood strikes me. Just a great all around PI for me at least. It is a very good nugget machine, I just wish a lighter weight dry land version was available at lower cost. The coil is a bit sensitive to hard knocks so the main secret to using it while prospecting is careful coil control.

Here are some of my ATX finds. The large nugget in the center photo is 0.85 ounce.


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Well, I had it out in the "yard" today...the "yard" sits on top of an abandoned gold mine between Sonora & Angels Camp here in Ca....lots of Iron ore & various other mineralization including what I think is "Mariposite" ...anyhow...I've got a little "learning" to do.... :th:

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