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Dink saves the day :)


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Hey all:
Welp, Dad and I went into a new area today to try it out.

Man it looked good. But, all we did was add to our bullet/ boot tack collection. Hmmm...

Decided to do the old New River Blake back peddle to a spot you got sompen out of before. :)
It was just a 1/4 mile away so what the heck.

Wow, did that area get ripped up with the last months rain!

I didn't even recognize it.

Well...........managed to pop a little flat guy out of it.

2 inches of overburden and then I had to dig it out of 3 inches of bedrock.

Could not believe how far down it was. Had the bedrock all cleaned off and still hearing a screamer signal. So I just started chipping away.

Then the little turd finally came out :)

Great day out! Nice weather and the good Lord blessed us again with some yellow stuff !!! :)

Just north of Wades sunbaker patch...in the fat chunky dink wash

.3 gram......that's POINT 3 gram..Paid for half the gas :yesss:
Tom H.


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Excellent going bro!!! Surprised there weren't a few more.

Dood............I hit the sides/ hill sides and over the hills today.

Worked it hard.

There has got to be more in between those two washes. :) Just got to get over it!

Tom H.

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