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5:19 am fireball

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Driving to work this morning I saw a fireball. I was traveling west on i-10 at ile marker 100. It was about 15 degrees??? North of the highway. It was the first one I have seen. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I dreamt of a fireball meteor last night. Maybe i was sleepwalking on the I-10. Pretty cool Cowkiller.

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The Taurid meteor shower is occurring right now. They are known to produce bright fireballs among the 15-20 regular meteors. We observed two regular Taurids last night while observing Uranus about 10:00 p.m. They would have also been readily visible at 5:19 a.m. You should report your observation to the American Meteor Society at http://www.amsmeteor...ireball-report/ .Try to determine the exact place along the highway where you saw it and determine the start and end point of the apparent fireball. If it was a cometary Taurid is wouldn't have landed. If you are astute you may be able to trace back the observed trail to the Taurus constellation, possibly identifying it's source. If it was a sporadic your report along with others to the AMSMeteor site will help triangulate a possible recovery zone and strewnfield. I actually have a chart of observed meteor magnitudes to actual size of incoming objects.


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