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Small AZ gold wires and crystals


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Just thought I'd share some interesting pics of some little Arizona gold crystals and wire speci's. They're only a few grains each, I might have not even noticed the neat shapes of those smaller ones if it weren't for the long wire gold bits that were in amongst them. I'm not the finder, I just took the pics. Enjoy!






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:thumbsupanim stunning lil'ol' thangs. I have quite a few I've kept over these many years. On a cold winters day I can just pull them out and then feel the sun on my back from the days found. Great to keep at home as so small if stolen not that big a loss, still a bummer, but not ozs gone-John :brows:

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Those are some really unique pieces :)
Im guessing....not Arizona?
GL to ya!
Tom H.

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