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Woman reunited with lost wedding ring in Indialantic Beach..

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So anyhow, I'd just posted to newriverblake's "...didn't clean the garage..." thread about how among other things I haven't found a decent piece of jewelry in over two years.. I know low tide's at 2:15 PM today, so go check to see when the rain's supposed to hit the east coast.. (For those who don't know or don't remember -- I no longer live on the beach, and it's a 22 mile 35-40 min. truly PITA drive just to get to the closest stretch of beach, which is Cape Canaveral, which is not exactly known for upscale tourists and lost beach bling.. Everyplace else both N & S is further & longer away regardless which route ya take..)

This is the very first thing I see on the WESH home page:



Which means even given the drought I've been in I already know what I'd do too under similar circumstances..

I'd much rather be braking for bedrock..


PS: I have no idea why the links I post won't contract.. The 2nd one will work if you copy & paste.. SA

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